Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farm Work

Today I've gone riding, tied up the calves, dragged the arena, and helped fix the holiday trailer. Riding went well, My horse was fine, I just walked her around the arena a bit and jogged a little. I also tied up the calves and washed the heifers again. The heifer I'm showing has calmed down a lot and I think she will do fine in the show. The bulls still need a little bit more work.

Before I went riding I drug the arena. I hooked up the arena groomer to the quad and drug it around the arena. This gets rid of all the hoof prints and imperfections in the sand. Then we watered down the arena so that it wasn't so dusty.

In preparation for the show we had to get the holiday trailer ready. The slide-out wasn't working and we had to work with the batteries and charge them in order to get it to work. It finally did and now we just have a few more things we have to do to prepare it for the show. We will be camping up by the show ground during the show so we have to get it ready.

Other than that nothing much else is going on. I'll keep you posted.


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