Monday, July 4, 2011

Preg Check

Yesterday we washed the two bull calves we're taking to the summer show. They did well and it calmed them down a lot. Then we blew them off and clipped them so they looked nice and spiffy. Today we did the same thing with our heifer calves and now they're all nice and clean and ready for the show. When we clip the calves we take a pair of clippers and  basically try to make them look longer, wider, and more square. I mostly had to clip their shoulders, back, underbelly and tail. We usually do something called "rat-tailing" this is when you shave the middle of the tail down a lot so the calf looks wider.

Also today we preg-checked our cows. This is when we take an ultrasound machine and check to see if the cow is pregnant. It went fairly well except for one cow got caught in the chute by the hips and we had to push her back out the side. She didn't enjoy that very much. 

We have a water trough out in our field that supplies water to our cows, the other day we noticed that it wasn't full. The water trough depends on our dugout as a water source. It turns out the pump had drained the water on top and was now sitting on the shore of the dugout. It wouldn't reach it anymore so we had to go and get some more pipe so it would go out farther. Now everythings alright.

It's been a very productive couple of days and everything else is going alright.

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