Sunday, June 12, 2011


Finally, I'm done with my presidential 4-H year. I just finished my last 4-H meeting, which means I should be done. Technically though I'm still president until September, but we only have a couple more events until then. We still have to do the parade for Pete Knight days, and we still have our year end banquet. But I'm pretty much done. It's a relief, but also kinda sad that it's over.

Now that 4-H is pretty much done, it's time to start thinking about summer. I've got Summer Synergy to look forward to, it's a cattle show that's in July in Olds. It should be fun and I'm bringing my yearling heifer and two other calves.

My heifer

My sister's bringing the same and we've started feeding them and working with them. Today we put them in the barn and tied them in a pen. Then we fed them and misted them, misted is just basically spraying water on them. Then we put the big fan on them, this helps them to grow more hair to work with when the show gets here.

The water and fan makes the calves cold so they grow more hair. With more hair you can groom them to make them look thicker and longer. We're going to do this until the show comes so by then they should have lots of hair.

That's all for now


Final Safety Video!!

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