Monday, June 27, 2011


Now that school is over it is summer time and I can relax..... sort of. There's still alot of work to do during the summer. Today I'm going to change the battery on our fencer. The battery is electrifying our fence by the road. The reason for electrifying a fence is so that our livestock doesn't get onto the road. The battery is dead and so I have to go get a fully charged one and replace it so our cows don't get onto the road. There are many of other jobs to do on the farm during this time of year, since it is not cold out we can get alot more done. We have to clean out the barn, mow the grass, water the plants, organize all our equipment. Basically just making sure the whole farm is in order.

We have been working with the animals we are going to take to our Summer cattle show. We have been getting them in the barn and working on growing their hair by dumping water on them and putting the fan on them. We've also been walking our heifers which are still tame from our 4-H year. Mine follows me without hesitating and I think she'll do well in the show ring too. Soon we will be getting a pen system that has fans, sprayers and everything built-in so that will make our operation easier for spraying our calves.

The summer has been going good so far and I am looking forward to our cattle show, it should be a good time.


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